2014 year is going to an end. As all past years we have a lot of emotions and memories through it. But somebody will tie the knot this winter and everything will be only at the beginning. That`s where will be useful our winter wedding ideas.

It is no secret that very few people venture our to marry in winter. The peak of all weddings is in the July and August and December is the most "anti-wedding" month in a year by statistics. That`s why your wedding already will be unique. Another advantage to marry off the season – economy. It`s much more easier to find the warm wedding venue for less money in winter. And there are lots of other ideas why to get married in winter is much more fun:


  • Really boundless horizons for flight of fancy. You can experiment whatever you like with bridal gown, interior arrangements of wedding venue and other stuff. For example everithing can be made as the cave of The Snow Queen – white curtains and drapes, tablecloth and chairs. Crystally shining polished floor of blue marble will complete the image. Maybe you will place a hookah on every place in order guests to be able puff the clouds of smoke as it very cold indoor. White cake can be in the form of big iceberg which is crushing all life problems. Just a bit of fantasy could transform your wedding to a real spectacle.
  • Let you be a child. Marriage have to be memorable. It is easy to diversify in winter. For example you can make a snowman with guests and take a lot of fun pictures. You can start a snowball fight and be in the same with your spouse.
  • Appreciate what you have. It is very well to understand and really appreciate your marriage if it is in winter. Imagine how it would be good to enter the restaurant, arranged with cool winter theme of decoration after an hour on the fresh winter air while you have had a civil marriage and already freezed during the stroll by the streets. And the first bridal night near the fireplace would be unforgetable either .
  • Ability for special dress-code and accessories. You can provide special dress-code among guests. For example the white gloves are necessary. Moreover bride and groom can add some accessories to their wardrobe. White wedding dress can transform in response of winter severity, bride can wear nice winter high boots and gloves as well as hat with a fur.
  • A lot of options with honeymoon. If you like an active rest, you can travel to mountains and spend your honeymoon skiing and skating. If you are sick of cold, it`s nothing easier than to go to warm places. While Europeans and Americans are freezing in their houses, Australians and Latin Americans are having a good rest in the ocean and taking sunbathe. Like it?