This particular and very sunny wedding we want to highlight had a number of different themes actually. First of all it was a summer outdoor wedding with numerous guests in a park. The bride was in a beautiful long white dress with opened shoulders and the groom choose black formal tuxedo. Decorations had prevailed with white and purple colors and had an immense number of different decoration ideas, favors and surprises that you can adopt one or two as a tip to your wedding from out photo collection of White and Purple Real Wedding Reception Outdoor.

A few professional photos can help us to be nearer to the wedding reception and disclose the most detailed ins. For example a nice romantic cupboard with figurines of the bride and groom. All these things were designed and realized by professional designers. In addition, the wedding took place at the private country mansion. That`s why organizers were able even to decorate a real working wheelbarrow as a fresh flower vase.

The main slogan, which we can meet in different manifestation, was thanks. Newlyweds were thankful to guests for they are near and supporting them, thanks each other for the best moments in life. It is so necessary to be grateful!

For the wedding ceremony, which held outdoor under the scorching sun, guests were kindly provided by nice purple umbrellas what create a special image of the action. In addition, of course no detail got away from the professional wedding photographer who was able to convey all the little emotions to us with the wedding album that we can watch over and over again.

This was a really god-planned and organized wedding where everybody felt himself at the proper place. Every insignificant detail made its impact into the overall atmosphere. From the first sight somebody can decide this wedding is similar to many others. But it`s only at first sight. Few weddings can boast of such ability to make every trifle to be recorded in the asset.