Wedding registry is the one of popular to-do lists for modern wedding and with increasing requirements in comfort and uniqueness of the contemporary wedding it is naturally that number of wedding decorations, tableware and many other stuff is increasing too. It`s almost unreal to remember and organize all the wedding details by your own. That`s why more and more people use wedding checklists called registries. There are many different bridal registries playing different roles from wedding gift registry to honeymoon registry. However, we will speak only about the wedding checklist registry. In addition, with active development of digital technique and Internet it becomes more convenient to agree all the details for your wedding online. However, what to register for wedding?

First of all you need to decide your wedding color theme, number of guests, how many of them should stay for night in a hotel etc. Than you can estimate what kind of crockery, pottery and how much of it do you need, how many tables, chairs other furniture you should rent or buy. Consult with your future guests about their possible wishes and special needs for your wedding, maybe it will help you to concretize the list.

Anyway, you always can find different samples of wedding registry online and to be inspired on what you really need. In addition, we prepared a photo gallery of the most necessary things at any wedding.