If you want to hold your marriage according to the rites or willing to abide the ceremony of definite national culture, it`s necessary to learn some indispensable features of such ceremonies.

Also this is a good way to go back to your roots or show respect to nationality of your significant other. It doesn`t force you to do something extraordinary like changing religion or sanctify into some new tradition. It`s a gest of respect and you`ll need to do is hold your marriage in course of definite prescribed rules. If the bride and groom are of different cultures and traditions it would be great to mix some of the most interesting rites together if they don`t contrary to each other.

The most widespread in Western World is Christian belief and therefore Christian marriage. It`s of the most tolerant wedding traditions either. There is a lot of different nuances originally, but nowadays most of them become anachronisms and are omitted. But when you see the bride in a white dress and a veil – this is the "white wedding" of Christian tradition which is considered as semi-formal ceremony. But with time we can see the white wedding tradition in almost every other culture of the world.

The most interesting features and a lot of wedding objects there are in Jewish wedding traditions. If you merge deeper in the subject, you will learn what is chuppah, ketubah, Sheva Brachot and many other specific terms of Jewish tradition.

One of the most spectacular, colorful and rich is Hindu or Indian wedding. It is really impressive, exotic for Western people, ceremony with bright unusual wedding dresses, variety of Indian rugs and embroidered curtains as a decorations of a venue. Hindus adoring bright lighting of their wedding reception so you can probably be impressed by unique ways of lighting, big number of different candles and lamps all over the venue. Indians consider wedding as one of the most important events in life, that`s why Hindy marriages are deemed as the most strong in the world.

Every religious community has its own rites and features. Islamic wedding has its own specific peculiar properties and one day we`ll discuss them in our articles. Also we plan to describe more about different non-religious traditions in the world marriage culture. For example, it`s very interesting ceremony to tie the knot, mass or military wedding. Time era is dictating its own fashion. In addition we plan to speak about obsolete and rarely used traditions as elopement and other sacramentals.