Wedding theme is broad concept that includes almost every organizational detail of modern bridal party from choosing the wedding venue and corresponding color theme to selection of wedding dresses, tuxedo and fitting wedding favors.

So we want to know the most fashion-forward and actual modern trends in wedding themes, aren`t we? So let`s turn to the last experience of the real weddings and find some tips and ideas we can use.

First of all we must to decide which of the wedding venue types we want to take. Will it be small restaurant, outdoor placerustic or any other wedding? Wedding venue is bringing us closer to the final decision abruptly.

The most romantic wedding theme for spring outdoor venue is called “Cherry blossom” and means literary this. It is ideal to hold wedding reception in the cherry garden. It would be very nice to have wedding favors in the form of cherry branch with delicate pinky flowers. Red & white wedding color theme will be a mix of purity and fashion and it is considered to be one of the best color conjunctions.

Romantic” atmosphere can be created in special details. First of all, the music, which must be everywhere and every time. Slow, serene but distinct at the same time. As for materials, you can use burlap for wedding favors and chair decorations, organza for curtains and tulle for decorative incuts. Use dim ambient light to make accent on candles and champagne. Also it would be very romantically to have different favor tags (banners and boards, big artificial letters) with wards of love and tenderness.

Christmas” theme is probably the best wedding theme in the winter. You got the clue, right? yes it`s easy to create a Christmas celebration at your wedding just by adding red capes and hoods with white fur, bright decorations in lavish green, red and white colors, Christmas presents and real spruce twigs in wedding bouquets.

Sportive” theme will perfectly fit to young sporting or sport fans couple. And the details are simple: color theme, wedding favors, decorations and all the design is fully depend on your favorite kind of sport. Black, white and green colors would be the best conjuncture for football (soccer) wedding theme. Imagine how funny would be waiters in football`s referee uniform looking who will bring a drinks in a sport bottle, cupcakes in the form of the ball and will whistle and show the yellow card for guests who are violating the wedding etiquette :)

Picnic” wedding theme also will fit the outdoor venue and will help you to shave off some money from your wedding budget. It is very easy to organize theme is very tolerate for color palette, dress and most of other stuff at your wedding. All you need to comply on the wedding to get real picnic atmosphere is to have a plaid blankets, jam jars, fried sausages and other attributes of real barbecue. Real bonfire and brazier will add you some points, as shabby jeans and unlaced boots for groom`s image and light wedding dress for bride`s one.

Retro” theme will plunge us to the past. But don`t think it`s for mature and old-fashioned couples. More and more young newlyweds held their weddings in such style, cause it`s a chance to touch the real past, to make very specific make-up and to change even casual slang to clear epistolary speech. See below in the photo gallery how we can achieve that atmosphere easily. Or better read some classic book, or watch film.