This page is tend to be the biggest in the serie about the structure and stages of wedding as we should light a very big amount of different subjects related to pre-wedding phase. Besides, we should understand a main track to move in if you want your wedding to be great and if you don`t want to spend extra-money on it and to have muddle at the wedding eve.

If you already meet your close soul and want to build a strong family to live both lifes together, so you can wonder each other with a great wedding which would bound your hearts tighter and will show that you can solve any problems and hold celebrations of the very high level!

But where you should start? First of all you have to hear "Yes!" from your beloved person to the main question. You can find out the best ideas of marriage proposals at our site.

Right after you agreed the marriage with each other and your close relatives, set the date and start preparation for the future wedding of your dream! Start with designing save the date postcards and begin wedding planning. It`s a big complicated task which to be implemented stage by stage beforehand. On the pages of our wedding website we`ll sort out how to plan and economy wedding budget from excess costs. Then you have to decide whether you desire to hire professional wedding planner or can solve all problems and negotiations with vendors by yourself. Of course you`ll need wedding checklist, registry, timeline and other indispensable stuff, which is all described on our site.

Next but also very important step to project the wedding good is choosing your wedding attire. You`ll have to choose the most charming wedding dress. It`s all depends on your taste but of course it wouldn`t be an easy choice, especially for bride. Girls usually need to see with their own eyes a dozens of different wedding gowns, learn the latest trends in fashion world, designers` collections, attend bridal shows in their area and try the most favorite models on them etc. And nobody will know till the wedding reception, what kind of dress did the bride choose: is it strapless or short, traditionally white or experimentally red, or even chic black wedding dress would be. Grooms are usually much more modest in their choice and time spent on it. Just conservative wedding tuxedo and a boutonniere – that`s all the headache of the male part of the wedding.

Any pre-weddings are in vain if you don`t have marriage license. Everybody probably know where one can find the most romantic and luxurious place to get it, right?

Then you`ll probably wish to have various official dinners and parties before the wedding to make some fun, mingle your guests and make them feel themselves trully comfortable at your wedding. There are lots of traditional parties you can hold before the marriage. You can take a closer look to bachelorette party ideas, bridal shower, engagement party, and of course – rehearsal dinner, where you can gather the closest people.

You can also diversify your wedding with bell ringer boys and flower girls, as well as any special effects to entertain your guests.

Recommend you to have at least one photo session, for example at your engagement or one of the parties to fill your wedding album with precious thematic pics.