The wedding day is always a little nervous and very emotional. Therefore, at the time of the wedding photo shoot, often raises questions: how to pose? where to look at? What to do with my hands? To avoid this situation, use our wedding picture poses ideas collection.

Classic poses

Start with the simple hug. Relax, sit down in a comfortable place. The bride feels comfortable in the hands of the groom, and he hugs her neck. This is the simplest posture bringing nice result!

Hand of the groom is on the bride’s cheek – such photos look very “cinematic”, touching and sensual. In addition, you do not need to look at the camera. Look into each other’s eyes and allow the photographer to catch the opportunities.

This is relaxed posture, which does not require the slightest effort. A great option for a young family picture!

Imagine, you came back home and giving a tender hug to each other. Such natural and free gesture can provide nice picture as well. Forget about the photographer, be natural.

Ways of hugs

The bride from behind. Relax and embrace the groom, looking directly into the camera. Try to put in all the tenderness into the embrace. Pictures of this kind are often become the most favorite!

Drowning in his hands

Cozy and relaxed posture, showing all of your affection and love. You can look both as on one another as well as to the camera.

The bride`s glance only

It is not necessary to constantly look into the lens of the photographer during the entire photo shoot. For example, a shot with a man looking at a woman looking at the camera is an effective solution!

One second before kissing

Excellent posture, preferred by many photographers! Freeze for five seconds before the kiss, and the result will please you.


Of course, the wedding photo shoot would be incomplete without a kiss photo! Such footage is better to do at the end of the photo shoot not to break the make-up. Try to kiss sensually, but aesthetically pleasing.

Pictures with a hidden kiss can be also effective. You can use a bridal bouquet, a fan, or any other subject.

Kiss on my cheek

Remember that you can`t just kiss on the lips. Innocent peck on the cheek looks great in the wedding photos!

The kiss on the forehead

These photos convey the depth of feeling and affection for each other.

Kissing on the nose

Cute, funny and very touching one. In addition, such cadres do not imply a look to the photographer and you can completely relax.

Holding hands

Another idea, which should not be omitted during a photo shoot! Hold each other’s hands, make up the heart of the palms, weave your fingers… In short, – fantasize. These pictures look extremely impressive.

Lying down

This position is a very good option for couples who are shy of the photographer and do not know how to pose. All you need is to find a bench or a sofa and to sprawl there comfortably. You should not look straight to the camera. It is better to look at each other.

Dances and leans

Dance right in the park or on the street. You will see, these photos will be your favorites forever.

Fool around!

Do not take too seriously the wedding photo shoot. Mess, ape, be yourself! Classic beautiful photos is quite acceptable to dilute with frivolous ones.

Reflections, shadows and silhouettes

Are you afraid to turn out badly in the photo? Then make an emphasis on photos of such a plan. But do not get carried away, just a few shots.

We are glad you read this article to the end and this information will be useful to you :)