The first wedding-night is the most unforgettable event for each person. How to spend the first wedding-night the way you will remember it for the rest of your life?

Remember that men, by nature are more brutal and severe than we are. Therefore, they will hardly take an initiative in preparation for the wedding-night. This responsibility is on your shoulders.

The ideal option of a venue for the first wedding-night, certainly, is a hotel room. It is very convenient, because hotel will take care of all necessary things. They will decorate your room with flowers, champagne, snacks, balloons and many candles, so that is why it will be a pleasant surprise for you and your groom. Some hotels have special rooms for just married couples available.  They will surly look very romantic, so you will never forget your wedding-night.

As the wedding day is not only a holiday, but also is a day of physical and mental exhaustion, you should think of the ways of keeping yourself out of stress by the end of the evening. Simply relax and enjoy each other. In addition, control the amount of alcohol, because none of us wants to fall asleep immediately after wedding.

Take all your feminine tricks to look perfect. You wearing erotic linen will be a pleasant gift for the groom, but also will give you confidence. Also bring your toothbrush, moisturizer or body lotion, razor and, of course, a bottle of perfume (which your beloved likes most of all).

In addition to the sex scenes, prepare a pleasant surprise for your husband. For example, you can dance or make an erotic massage, read poem written by yourself. Take a relaxing bath and drink champagne together.

Your wedding-night will be a perfect start of your family life! From that moment, you will have honeymoon and a lifetime to enjoy each other!