As you may know, Las Vegas is the main center of entertainment in USA and probably in the whole world. But not everybody knows that Las Vegas also is a capital of weddings with 122,000 married couples each year. Impressive, right? And what is the secret of such success?

First of all, Vegas has great number of hotels, places of interest and casinos what is very attractive for young married couples. Many of them consider their marriage and subsequent honeymoon as ability to spend some money and get a really posh gambling rest.

Also you can get a wedding license in Las Vegas very fast even if you are foreigner. To obtain the wedding license you both just need to appear in most famous Clerk at Clark County Marriage Bureau (201 E Clark Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101), have passport, driver license or other personal identification document (photo identification), know your Security Service number and if you both are 18 years old and more so you can get your wedding license in an hour. No blood test and waiting period is required. But the marriage license is not the proof of marriage. You should perform wedding ceremony and within 10 days you should go to Clark County Recorder’s Office to record your marriage and finally get the wedding certificate. Well, it`s not so difficult in reality. Same requirements are imposed for non-US residents.

There is a cool option to fill the online marriage pre-application and just appear and receive your marriage license in the office. Meanwhile planning your wedding reception and relaxing in one of the picturesque hotels.