Every wedding begins with the invitation. Everybody wants for a person who receives an invitation to the wedding to keep it all life long, therefore, it must be in such an original and memorable way as possible.

Almost all organizers offer to order invitations anywhere or buy them already made. But nowadays, during the time of advanced technologies, brides prefer to make invitations by themselves. Generally, the Photoshop can be used for this purpose.

That option – one of the cheapest. After all, you can come up with any design that you want to, and then go to printing establishment to print your wedding invitations. Furthermore, you can decorate them even more, for example with a tape or attach any decorative elements.

Your invitations should reflect the uniqueness of this exciting moment in your life. Wedding invitations are made not just for notifying your guests about the time and place of the day – they are designed to transfer all invited guests to the special world, which was created by your love.

Original wedding accessories will force your guests to experience all the magic atmosphere only of your day and remember it for the rest of their lives.

It is common to send wedding invitations in the closed envelopes in fortnight or month prior to a scheduled celebration. By tradition, a wedding invitation should be addressed to the head of the family. If you invite guests both to the wedding, and to a wedding banquet, you need to send two different invitations.

To make your invitation more memorable, you can tell your guests that only with this wedding invitation they will have an opportunity to get to the wedding. Then, it is obvious, that your invitation will not be lost.

You will get tons of fun with such a creative work. Good luck to you and endless inspiration! Moreover, let this day will be unforgettable!