Wedding favors are little gifts for your guests to remember. This is a good tradition of European/American wedding and almost absent in the most other cultures and traditions.

So, what wedding favors are the most memorable and heartwarming? Many bride and groom couples want to express their gratitude to all the guests without exception, but don`t know what present will be more useful and memorable. Don`t bother with such initiatives – marriage is the holiday of inspiration and gaiety. Make your wedding informal, full of positive emotions and that`s would be enough to make a long memory to your wedding party.

And if you prepared some cool baubles for your guests, it would be great and very fond of you! In addition, it doesn`t matter the material value or direct purpose of the wedding favors, they should produce good mood first of all. As for the question “what to present”, it`s only you to answer it better. You know everyone of your guests, who is he or what does she like, maybe you have something to remember together or wanted to make some little surprise to your guest hadn`t find the moment. This is the moment to make it.

Wedding favors are often the one of most important elements of wedding theme so it is obvious to consider them as a part of the show in corresponding color palette. If you want to make an unexpected surprise to your guests, it can be a crockery with lettering of guests` personal info and bridal date on it. You can buy such sets in the wedding online stores especially for celebration and let your guests to take it with them. Cause most guests are families of your relatives, they`ll have lovely kitchenware with memorable lettering.

Also there are many other ideas for wedding favors. It could be some mementos in the form of key chains, magnets for fridge, trinket for the car etc. Also it can be little china figures of your couple, personalized playing cards (good for big gamblers), crayon or marker sets for kids, some funny burlap or carton bags and myriads of other trifles from the greeting postcards, bijouterie and cosmetics to the candies and patties with design of your wedding.

Remember, that wedding favors can create a really unforgettable atmosphere of your marriage which will be last long in guests` minds by memorable priceless gifts.