Not so long time ago became popular to make a cupcake wedding dress cake for the, especially for DIY weddings. Wedding cupcake dress is comparatively easy to make but it`s pretty effective and good-looking detail of any celebration. Your guest will appreciate the ability to have a fast snack before or during the wedding reception. Furthermore, this nice product can be a nice bridal shower as well.

There are lots of recipes and tutorials around the web how to make the cool cupcake wedding dress cake in an hour and shock your guests. You can follow instructions and of course you`ll succeed, there is nothing hard in it. You can experiment with form, color, size and design of the wedding cupcake dress and here`s your fantasy can afford everything. As usual, you can activate your inner designer with our photo selection. However, it is not necessary to repeat, you can just mix ideas or they will touch you up on some associations or past valuable moments that you`ll want to embody in the cake dress.

For producing one cupcake dress you`ll need the same set of materials. First of all, the cupcakes. Depending on a size, they can be from 21 to infinity. Also you`ll need cardboard sheet and nice wrapping paper to decorate a rack under your cupcakes. Then you`ll need to lay out the cupcakes in the form of your designed dress. Than you should take your favorite butter cream or some other cream and to “glue” cupcakes tightly to each other with it in a form of a dress. Finally you`ll use the cream to decorate each cupcake and to eliminate hollows between the cupcakes and decorate the edible dress with luster dust, different other embellishments with cream of other color etc.

You can choose any board to allocate your cupcake wedding dress on it. It even can be a board covered with foil and looking as the mirror. In addition, you can slightly tilt it with leg to make it looking like on pedestal.