Here we would talk about the best wedding color palettes, the computability of the color and which color themes are in favor for modern weddings.

Red color. This is the most wanted color when you going to add some spicy notes to your wedding. It never used as the main color of the wedding theme but at the same time it is the best hue to emphasize some details. If you prefer slate colors as main for your wedding, we can recommend you an orange one, which is universal to be combined with almost any other colors and to inspire people for creativity. It`s not a secret the majority of modern weddings, especially when the newlyweds are teenagers, use wedding color themes with orange color. In the combination of yellowgreenturquoise and other bright colors.

If you prefer more conservative color gamma for your wedding and you like a shades of red, so you can use pink, purple, magenta or any other delicate tint of red color. The most fashionable combinations of them are ivory, pink & satin gray theme, light pink & brown theme as magenta & white color themes. As you can see, the most of delicate colors are combined with dark and neutral colors.

Green color. Green has the biggest number of different color combinations to use in the wedding color theme. Wedding color palette is widely expands by using the discreet notes of green and its shades. Better to use it in combinations as the complement to main color. Anyway, we can`t avoid emergence of some green details at the wedding and if you choose to have it outdoor, green color would be the part of the show inevitably. Fortunately, green is the most "natural" and relaxing color from ever existed so almost all people treat it positively. The most popular combinations of green color used at weddings are green & brown, totally green shaded theme, orange & green theme.

Blue color. This color has the biggest number of shades and hues and almost of them could be used in the wedding color theme. This is mentioned above turquoise, sky blue, light blue, crayola and other delicate hues without using cyan (green-blue) and ultramarine as they bad in mixing and your guests can lose sight after watching these colors for hours. The best variants to make lovely wedding color theme using blue color is to mix it with white or cream colors.

In addition, we want to warn you from using two bright colors of different hue. For example, green and pink are hardly compatible and you can find tons of gaudy combinations too. It is well to combine two nearly located hues like white and silver, yellow and orange etc. In addition, a big role in color matching for your wedding color theme can play a season. For example, if you decide to marry in autumn, it would be very convenient to use fall decorations and golden color theme.