Everybody wants their wedding to be unique and original from the start to the end. It will show your creative and can give a significant positive push for the future life together because modern people like to surprise and to be active. If you hold wedding ceremony right-on, you`ll feel the appetite to hold the wedding reception at the same high level.

Enough of preludes, let`s proceed to the main ideas we could find for you and of which we decided the most worthwhile to pay attention at to make your “I do`s” not only traditionally arid but also to let you colorize it a little bit with fresh wedding ceremony ideas.

So, begin your wedding ceremony beforehand with couple of hours left to it to gather your nearest friends both bride and groom together to get acquainted, communicate a little bit, make further plans etc. If it is a warm season you can have cocktail party outdoor near to the ceremony place or in the nearest restaurant if it is cold outside. But don`t overdo with cocktails :)

You can propose your guests don`t drop off the ceremony but to visit a zoo or a concert together.

Also you can take some photos or even have a brief photo session to remember and make thank you cards to your guests with their photos. But don`t tell them, it would be a sweet surprise.

To make really personalized and stunning ceremony, you can “equip” your guests with funny details like flower favors, boutonnieres or something. Also it would be good to give them some rose petals, sparklers, flappers and other stuff to make some noise and show at the way from the ceremony place.

Decorate the altar with flower decorations, garlands or just esthetic curtain to bring your couple to the fore on the photos. Speak with officials about your favorite and meaningful music for your procession. It can be a part of your further wedding playlist.

While guests are waiting preparations before ceremony to start, your helpers can sneakily give them specially programs with bride and groom bios, short information about each of guest , what you know about them and what the mean to you. It would be another sweet surprise and allow people to know each other better. Anyway, everyone will be extremely curious what did you write about them :)

You can also try som rituals after the wedding ceremony. For example to exchange with wish lists, read it briefly and hide them with a bottle of good wine into a safe box. Open it on your 5-th anniversary, read what you managed to complete, what is in plans. You can extend the ritual with rewriting a new wishlists.