Wedding cars are essential attribute of any celebration. No marriage can get along without wedding transportation so it doesn`t matter what wedding theme and idea you imagine, it will be elegant carriage or sport cars, or colorful buses, or even a boat like Clooney and Alamuddin used for creating an expression on the way from church to the wedding venue. One way or another you`ll be faced with wedding car decorations.

Let it be a car. So, how can you decorate it in a most expressive way? Most of car rentals all over US or Europe can offer you special variants of decorations. In addition, this option is already in the price. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and have unique wedding, you need another recipe.

The wedding cars decorations should be relevant to a type of a car you choose for the wedding. You can easily use the advantages of the different automobile classes and types to achieve the best and unexpected result in decorating it. You can even rent a car of your friends and your own car. All the modern decorations are recyclable and will not left marks on the car paint.

You can turn a tiny class-A female car into a spick and span romantic bride cab with personal driver. The cab would have artificial lips and eyelashes with elegant “hat” on the top. Groom`s car can be expressed with a big bow tie and cylinder on the top. The cab would be able even wink when a driver will use lights. Other little cars like Volkswagen New Beetle or Mini Cooper can transform to a wedding cake or little animal (hedgehog for example). It can deliver tons of lulz.

If you will have sport cars in your wedding column, try to decorate it in minimalistic style. Cause of speed will reduce your decorations anyway and they`ll remain at the roadway.

Balloons, flowers and lots of shawls can be used to decorate a wedding bus. It will bring a lot of fun to children with its appearance. If course you should take care of interior decorations of the bus.

We wish you`ll be inspired with photo gallery of the wedding cars decorations below.