Half up hairstyles are more than pretty, they possess some special elegance that can make your whole image more elegant and sophisticated. This is why there is hardly a better choice for your most special celebration than a vintage wedding half up hairstyle. After all, this is the day when you should feel like a true princess. Therefore, following a true princess’ example is a sound strategy.

Kate Middleton, who is probably the best known princess in the world, was the one who brought back the fashion for half up hairdos. Today this trend is starting to spread to the countries beyond the United Kingdom.

Vintage wedding hairstyles half up are very feminine and look elegant even if they aren’t accentuated by any special hairclips (see some examples at the bottom of the page). They are perfect for both the ladies who want to show off their polished style and those who want to look “natural” on their special day.

There is a great variety of wedding hairstyles for long hair half up half down to choose from, so you will need to spend quite a bit of time looking for the perfect one. Be sure to try out different kinds before the wedding itself as no image can actually show you how the hairstyle will look on you. The best thing about vintage wedding hairstyles half up is that they can look casual if not complemented with flowers, clips, and the special gown itself. This means that you can get your “trial run” of the hairstyle done and go to work looking stunning, elegant, and casual at the same time.