If you want to surprise your guests and save some unique emotions for future which will be conveying a lot of fun in the future, so you can try to add some unusual creativity into your wedding photo album with crazy frivolous photos. You can make your wedding portrait with animals, with different special objects, unusual poses etc. Speak to your wedding photographer and you surely can persuade him to invent some crazy plot for your wedding photos. In addition, you can combine your engagement pictures with wedding photo album adding to both of them some rare unique wedding crazy photos and portraits.

Crazy in our sense doesn`t mean “failed” or “idiotic” photos. It is not necessary to make crazy photos in the humorous style or try to look stupid for fun. The creativity can be drawn by some unique moments of shooting, poses, perspectives or object that are associated to you significantly or mean something for you both. Sometimes unusualness can be reached by shooting effects only. It can be some ambiguousness on the photo like when some part of it can be interpreted in the wrong way or it can be some effects like distortion, zooming, color effects etc.

The idea of such photos is very simple – to make you smile of tender emotions through time. So don`t try to make them for show, for somebody else but yourselves. It`s your emotions and your life, and it`s too short to live it for somebody. We hope we can inspire you with some crazy professional wedding photos. Ignite your fancy and myriads of new crazy ideas of photos will visit you soon.