Planning of bachelorette party is always on bridesmaids. Each bride wants her bachelorette party to be unusual. Traditional event at house or in cafe are already uninteresting. So, if you choose to be at home or to go outside you should also choose a theme of your event and keep everything in the secret from the bride :)

We picked up the most unique bachelorette party ideas for you.

If the bride likes a vampire theme, it is possible to spend the bachelorette party in this style.

You will need:

  1. Costumes.
  2. Greasepaint.
  3. If it is a party, it is necessary to buy “vampire” products: steak, red wine and even fruits should be of red shades.
  4. Location decor: figures of bats and spiders, many candles.

During all the party, you will need to behave as vampires. Bite each other and hiss :)

If you think about a bachelorette party sex (hen party), you can call the stripper and he can dress up in the same style. It can be costume of Count Dracula or… somebody else.

For bachelorette party in Playboy style you will need ears, tails, shoes and bright make-up.

For bachelorette party in Femme Fatales style, it will be necessary for you to have long dresses, high heels, “heartbreaker” make-up style.

The flight of fancy can be endless; you have to choose a theme that is really close to the bride! In addition, the most important is not to forget about maintaining positive emotions from this event!

Let the bachelorette party become the most memorable day before the wedding!