Sometimes we lack so much of freshness which can wake us up after a long winter. There is nothing more fresh and biotic then spring flowers. And if you have your wedding at spring we can recommend you to add to decorations some spring flowers and make wedding bouquets with them.

Spring flowers divide by time of blossoming and lifetime so we can distinguish early, mid-spring and late spring flowers. All of them are gorgeous and differ in color gamma. Early spring flowers have tender colors from white to pink hues, mid-spring have more saturated colors and the late ones tend to dim light colors. It plays a big role in choosing your wedding color theme. So you can adjust the wedding theme to the season and choose the color of most beautiful blossoming flowers.

Only imagine how beautiful would bridal bouquet of snowdrops and camellias or the boutonniere of crocus. You can make a lot of wedding bouquets wonderfully decorated with pansy or daisy blossoms. You don`t need to make whole bouquet from one type of spring flowers, you can add a couple to bouquet of tulips or roses and turn it to spring mood. Also you can do some cute flower baskets to decorate a wedding place. In addition, it would be very nice to decorate your wedding venue with lilac or magnolia sprigs (in late spring) or chionodoxa flowers.

Also you can make a special paper bundles of spring field flowers petals to daze your guests and to salute newlyweds after the wedding ceremony.

Spring wedding flowers give you a broad selection of different means of design and you can create an image of nature and wildlife at your reception. It would be great if you`re going to create romantic floral wedding theme which can fit any wedding venue.