In our fast growing and developing potential of science, we can admit the tendency to minimization of almost every part of our casual life. Appliances, clothes, phones, everything is tend to be smaller. In the times of fast growing human population, we have a problem to find a spacious location for our weddings to have a big bash. However, these are not the only reasons for people to find compact wedding venues for marriage.

Such places are intimate and can accommodate all your best friends and relatives at once and you would be able to communicate with all of them. Nobody will feel himself lost. Small wedding venues are creating the special atmosphere of intimacy and closeness to the small wedding of best friends and that`s why they gain popularity all over the world. You don`t need to have a big space for your guests, you can place everybody comfortably enough by special table design and table setting (see photos).

Big number of celebrity weddings are held in type of small wedding receptions. Because famous people appreciate those little moments of solitude and communication to the closest people.

So, where we can find such wedding venues? All depends on your taste and preference. It can be some beautiful rustic wedding venue if you are tired from noisy city or maybe charming bar or gallery with many people else but in some distance from you. Many of modern galleries and cafes in big cities of Canada and USA can rent you a room for your wedding party. For example McMillan gallery or Blue dog gallery in Toronto or small Grove restaurant in Houston. In addition, you can consider your wedding to be held outdoors. For this case, we prepared a significant number of different intimate outdoor wedding venues for you.