Short wedding dresses is universal look for bride with classy straight long legs. Such gown would emphasize your natural beauty, but also can reveal some flaws of your figure (if you have them). Every bride strives to create the best ever image for her wedding day. Short gowns are irreplaceable for warm season ceremony. That`s why we can meet so many designs with florals. Some designers prefer to come out with pale hues of natural colors to dilute the classic white. And we have gathered some most vivid reasons to opt the short wedding dresses for summer 2016.

One of the first reasons to choose short wedding dress is its comfort. You would be able easily get to any car, pass any staircase and with the confidence of queen dance at the floor as little mischievous girl.

The second reason is its high sexual appealing. Exposed (even up to the knee) legs are always sexy and attract men`s attention. On top of that, when woman dress up mini-skirt, her eyes are glimmering and playful smile twinkles on her lips.

Short wedding dresses are less prone to influence of fashion and this is the third reason. These dresses are embodiment of bridal’s fantasies – peculiar mix of different images.

The fourth reason can be that short gown can be taken to the honeymoon vacation and to create an original photo album full of magnificent wedding photos (especially if you’ve decided to visit a number of locations).

Short retro style dress will bestow an unusual femininity and charm to the bride, and her glance will achieve more magnetism. The look can be complemented by flirty small hat and lace silk gloves just a little above the elbow.

For example, Maison Yeya, come up with stunning individual shape of the gown with floral texture overlaid with smooth silk tale. You can be inspired by the brand new design on the photo below.