Sensual bride’s morning photoshoot is one of the most precious moments of the wedding day, because it reflects the tenderness, expectation and excitement before such an important event. These moments captured in our photo collection.

Bride’s morning is definitely a delicate shot. You should choose some light place for your photoshoot. The light background is more convenient for any bride’s image as the dark tones can give disadvantageous tone to your make-up, dress etc. White, pale pink, turquoise, creamy hues of bright colors can help you create the right atmosphere. Of course, your apartment is not necessarily the right place to hold the shooting, as it can lack the lighting and the setting can be inappropriate for your image. In such case you can book the favorable hotel number or photo studio beforehand.

The majority of the brides want to boast with their figure in the stunning lingerie. It is perfect chance to do it. These photos can inadvertently show you the ideal woman your husband once fell in love with. After a couple of years of the family life it is often become actual 😉

We recommend you go through the whole cycle of photo shooting. This means the photographer will catch every moment of the bride’s morning, starting with the make-up, dressing and the image creating on the whole before the groom appearance. Some little moments like peeping after you through the keyhole would add the mystery and spice to the professional wedding album.

You can twist near the mirror admiring yourself. It will be look great as in lingerie, peignoir as in a wedding dress.

Don’t forget about portrait photo. It is the best time for it: you are fresh with just done make-up and you are full of the excitement.

Take your home pets to your photoshoot. They are so cute and would invigorate your mood, both as giving you an extra confidence in front of the lens of the camera.

Be yourself and enjoy the process!