Deciding where and how to hold a second wedding day depends on your personal preferences only. After all, some newlyweds want this day to relieve stress after a celebration, the other – to extend the fun, others – to spend time with friends. First, you must decide on two points:

  1. Will the second day act as thematic continuation of the first day, or the holiday will be radically new in a completely different atmosphere and a different décor;
  2. Who do you want to spend this day with.


The second day only for two

  • Romantic Day together. The second day may belong exclusively to two loving hearts. In this romantic day you can stay home alone: ​​just lain in bed, making coffee to each other and, treating with portions of love and affection, look through old photos or favorite movies. The culmination of this day can be a campaign to a restaurant or a romantic walk in the evening park.
  • Honeymoon. On the second day after the wedding, you can fly on honeymoon. Many travel companies offer special tours for honeymooners, during which you can visit beautiful places, taste specially prepared wedding dinner.
  • Spa treatments and a sauna. A great way to relax during the second day of wedding is to go to the sauna, spa, swimming pool together. Here you can relieve fatigue of the past oversaturated and tumultuous days. If you have a desire to make the day more fun, you can take to a bath or sauna some of the best friends.


Continue the fun with loved ones

Outdoor second wedding day celebration ideas

Open air reception is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends in an informal atmosphere. Especially because a change of scenery will help clearly distinguish the second day of celebration from the first one. You can organize a holiday in a country house, in the resort, in a private house. It can be organized on the beautiful forest clearing or beach, but if you want not to worry about the problems with the weather, it is better if there would be a “roof”.

In order to spend this day with pleasure you should provide a number of important points:

  • Rent a spacious bus so your guests were able to get to the venue of the celebration, and after back home easier;
  • It is desirable to invite a photographer who will engrave touching eyes, smiles, kisses that day;
  • You can invite a professional organizer of celebrations, or to pre-consider the scenario of the holiday, a list of games, contests, prizes by yourselves;
  • For open-air holiday it is better to prepare all the necessary disposable utensils, knives, napkins, etc.

If the main course on the second day of the wedding will be barbecue, you should take care of pickling meat in advance. Newlyweds will hardly think about it on their wedding night, so it is better to entrust this important task to someone from relatives or friends.

Well, if a country house or boarding house, where you intent  to organized the celebration of the second wedding day, there are sauna, steam room, swimming pool, pond, which diversify spending of your time, make beautiful pictures. In winter, the list of outdoor activities you can add the snowballs game, sculpting snowmen, snow castles, sledging. In summer, as a symbol of a new family creation, you can plant a tree, and in the evening to make a fire and spend time for family conversation.


Going to the restaurant or cafe

In the evening of the second day of the wedding you can continue festivities at the restaurant, cafe, club with friends and family. On this day, the couple will be able to feel more relaxed, dance plenty, to communicate with loved ones. You can invite a professional toast-master, but if you want to save money, the role of facilitator can play someone from relatives or friends. To remember the day, it is necessary to consider the program, various competitions for its guests.


A romantic boat trip

You can organize a walk for the young and the guests on the boat, while successfully combine a journey on the water surface with dinner. Keep in mind that when renting a ship it`s better to inspect the ship on which you are going to spend the holiday is in advance, and find out how many guests you can invite. Is there a possibility shelter from the rain or wind in a cozy cabin in case of bad weather.


Active sports program

Bowling, go-karting, paintball, cycling, billiards, ice skating rink, water park suit for an active holiday. If there is a possibility to visit a horse riding club, the romantic horseback riding can also be unusual decision to celebrate the second day of the wedding. On this day, the instructor will teach those wishing to ride a horse. And if there is a forest or another picturesque side, you can organize a picnic after the horse walks.

Such extreme second wedding day is a great opportunity to get new experience, to be charged with new energy. To enhance the competitive spirit and emotions, during entertainment people can be divided into teams: a team of husband and wife team. Prepare the prizes to the winners. In addition, the sports schools often provided the opportunity to sit at the coffee shop or have a barbecue in a special area.

Important: Since such entertainment can please not all the guests you should know if your relatives or friends willing to for such entertainment in advance.


Theme of the party

To make your celebration funny, you can hold it on some interesting topic. In the summer it can be a Hawaiian party, the attributes of which will be appropriate music, beachwear, beads, tropical cocktails. You can make a game of cowboys and Indians, making up the corresponding attributes and competitive tasks for newlyweds and guests. Theme parties can be held in different places: at home, in a restaurant, at the cottage, on the beach, in the park. It is not necessary to invent something very complicated. The main thing is to choose a theme for the holiday which can satisfy your guests.


How can I save money on the second day of the wedding

  1. Invite only the closest people the second day, or set a party exclusively for young people.
  2. After a chic wedding banquet in a restaurant often on the tables is a lot of food and beverages. Therefore it is possible to agree in advance at the restaurant, so that after the wedding you have provided containers with cold cuts and snacks, which are suitable for a table on the second day. After the banquet, you can pick up alcohol, which is usually also remains.
  3. Sausages can become an alternative to barbeque at the country festivities. Menu of the second day may be light, with lots of appetizers, vegetables, fruits and sweets.
  4. In order to reduce costs in the summer, you can avoid the renting of the venue, and to organize a holiday in the open air, for example, in the picturesque village of the city or on the beach. You can also use the resources of your family, if they are willing to provide for the celebrations their private home or cottage. But in this case, you have to help them to clean the room after the celebration.
  5. You can invite your friends to keep your company in the cafe or club, explaining that everyone will pay for himself. Most friends will understand such an idea.


Attire for the second wedding day

The second day is not so official, so dress in casual style or a light sundress is perfect as an attire. You can also consider the options of clothes in bright colors, bold patterns. Clothing should be chosen according to where and how you decide to celebrate this day.

For holiday at nature will fit comfortable clothes and shoes, maybe you`ll needed hats. To highlight the couple, you can pick up a pair of T-shirts that say “bride”, “groom”, or put on tie and attached the veil on top of the usual hiking clothes. Expand image with flower decorations.  For the celebration in the water park or the beach you need bright bathing suits, pareos, original hats. You may want to take a few clothing options: one – for taking beautiful pictures, the other – to participate in sports, the third – to look stylish on the cool evening.

The evening in the restaurant and cafe is a great opportunity to show off in a variety of outfits. To enhance the beauty and to create a romantic image can as an elegant evening dress to the floor, and the average length cocktail dress both. This will be good if the outfit is practical, and it will be available for the future visiting of any other event.

Of the many ideas of celebrating the second day of the wedding, you can choose both traditional and quite bold and exotic. No matter how you decide to organize this festival, as long as it would be filled with positive emotions and impressions.