If you decided to have a wedding in rustic theme, somewhere outdoor at the picturesque landscape near river or at the lawn in the forest or maybe you want to hold your wedding reception at the village barn, you probably want to present your guests with unique and really impressive rustic wedding invitations in the special style which, will prepare your friends and relatives to country atmosphere.

Most wedding ideas are born from the details. You can even choose the wedding theme in the color and look of your wedding dress so the design of wedding invitations is also significant. We prepared for you a lot of different rustic wedding invitations templates, trying to diversify them in form and colors, and also the materials as well. The fact is rustic invitations are pretty similar from one wedding to another and it`s quite difficult to make a spark in this regard. However, we tried to select the best and various rustic wedding invitations templates to make your rustic themed wedding unique from the very beginning.

It`s all the go to make something for the wedding by yourself. DIY wedding invitations can be designed literally an hour in Photoshop or just drawn on the sheet of paper and then completed at the nearest printing. Also you can use some unique materials to decorate your invitations. Rustic wedding is related to nature so it would be very expedient to decorate the invitation with some herb, flower and country embroidery. Try to correspond the design and color to your rustic wedding venue.

You can also express some creative in choosing nonstandard material for your rustic wedding invitations. For example you can use little wooden pads, stitched by thread or fishing line. It would be really unusual but very easy to mail. Somebody prefer to write a letter to their guests and attach the invitation to it with a country string. Any variants are acceptable, the main thing is to be really creative and to make people smile when the`ll receive your invitation.