Rustic weddings, despite the simplicity of decoration, turn out unusual and stylish. Besides the natural village surroundings lets you to create the touching and romantic atmosphere at the rustic holiday.

Basic principles of real rustic wedding ideas are naturalness, simplicity, comfort. Therefore, among the major rules of arrangement it is worth noting the need for:

  • Natural materials (wood, wild flowers, hay, burlap, cotton, flax, moss, “Grandma’s equipment”);
  • Natural colors (green, cream, sand, brown, blue, blue, white).


Choose a place of celebration

An important criterion when choosing a rustic wedding venue both for outdoor marriage and for the wedding banquet is considered the natural surroundings. Thus, the ideal would be to hold a celebration in the countryside. The options may be places near river and lake, a forest glade covered by treetops, field with haystacks. To a certain extent this is rather risky choice, because the weather can present a variety of surprises. Therefore, to protect yourself from the weather whims, it is desirable to prepare a tent or canopy.

If the wedding is scheduled for the cold season, or you do not want to spend a holiday outdoor, you can organize it in the room. For the wedding is better to choose halls or terraces of restaurants, country cottages, hotels without too much “light” and “pomposity”. The simpler – the better. The interior of the premises should contain a minimum of decoration. But still wood, stone, brick elements can and even should be present.


Holding rustic wedding

Fantasizing about how to arrange the celebration venue best, it is worth remembering that the main thing in this case is simplicity. When choosing colors for decoration, prefer natural tones, and thus avoid very bright unnatural colors.

  • Arch for outdoor registry

Arch for outdoor registry, as well as all elements of the wedding design, must comply with the chosen style. Therefore, you can select one of the following design options:

  • Make the arch of timber or twigs and decorate it with burlap, lace, wild flowers;
  • Replace arch with a garland, old door frame;
  • Use spreading tree instead of the beautiful arches, which can be supplemented by fabric drapery, wildflowers, delicate village lace and ribbons.

To restraint runner, leading to the arch, you can use baskets with wildflowers.

  • Furniture and decoration of the wedding hall

Traditional sofas and chairs for guests can be replaced wooden folding chairs, benches, and even stumps. To fill the wedding with rural coloring, you can use the compressed hay cubes, covered with burlap or bed linen. Tables can be replaced with wine barrels or use a conventional wooden table covered with chintz tablecloths with floral ornaments. Napkins, made of burlap and supplemented by lace edging, can shade such cloths. Field and garden flowers will look great on the table, but it is advisable not to put them in vases and baskets, and wooden boxes, simple glass jars decorated with twine.

  • Decor

For a spectacular design will fit almost any natural materials: leaves, pine needles, bark, hay, twigs, moss. You can use dull or scuffed aged subjects, for example: old books, lace, candle holders. Great decoration of the hall or place in nature may become banneret-garlands. To make the atmosphere more romantic you can add silhouettes of hearts, birds, any images associated with the village. Bright decorative accents of the wedding can be a wagon, wooden window frames, wheels, big drums, sections of wood, wooden boxes, small timber. Such elements are perfectly reflect the style of the celebration and can be a backdrop for interesting photography.

As for the flower arranging, the rustic wedding decoration involves field and garden flowers, dried flowers, cones. Flower arrangements should look just as if they just have been plucked in the meadow. Daisies, cornflowers, dahlias, sweet peas, bluebells, daisies, lavender are perfect for the style. Tie up the bunch with twine to underline your style.

  • Important stuff

To prepare the rustic style invitations, table number cards and guest navigating you can use kraft paper, which is normally used for packaging or cardboard design with wooden stylization. Cushion for newlyweds` rings will match the rustic style, if made of a burlap and decorated with lace, ribbons and beads.

Simple in design should be not only atmosphere, but the menu too. When choosing food for the wedding, their main decoration is the maximum simplicity and naturalness. Wedding cake should also have a minimum of ornamentation, for example, made with the use of fruit or berries.

  • Gifts for guests

Support the theme of comfort and warm relations help gifts for guests (wedding favors). To keep fond memories of the original wedding, you can give:

  • Jars of honey or homemade jam, tying to them notes with words of gratitude using strings;
  • Fresh flowers in small pots lettering “with love”;
  • Small baskets with berries and homemade cakes.


Images of the newlyweds without fanciful elements

Bride should choose to pay by straight style of flowing fabric, which can create the impression of lightness and airiness instead of the usual luxuriant attire with a tight corset. It is desirable to choose the most simple dress for rustic wedding, without the brilliant, fanciful decorative elements. Ideal option is a dress  of cream, beige tones complemented by handmade lace. Also, as the attire for the celebration in such style cocktail dress or a sundress would be perfect.

In the wedding hairstyle it is also desirable to do without complex pilings, locks, fleece, bright decorative elements. Choosing a hairstyle, it worth to stop your choice on scythe or loose hair. If your hair is short casual, slightly careless styling will suit you. For hair decoration you can use flowers, for example, in the form of a wreath. That`s all mean the vintage wedding hairstyles are the best option.

While creating the groom`s image stick to the very same “simplicity” pattern: wear a jacket instead of a vest and tie can replace the usual bow tie. Shirt can be chosen of any light shade and suspenders would complement it. Simple cut trousers will fit and, if desired, they can be completely replaced by jeans. to complete the image of the groom wear a simple hat, for example, a straw hat, and loafers instead of lacquered black shoes.


Bouquet for the bride, boutonniere for the groom: a sense of slight negligence

In the design of the bride’s bouquet everything should be easy, without sparkles, colorful draperies too. Ribbons, vintage accessories are best in complimenting flowers. The handle of the bouquet can be decorated with a sackcloth or lace. It is advisable your bunch not to make in precise round form, as this element should create a sense of slight negligence. The groom’s boutonniere should repeat the elements of the bride’s bouquet. For example, the same wild flowers, dried flowers, pieces of burlap or ribbon.

The beautiful rustic wedding lies in the simplicity, gentleness and charm. Do not worry about the fact that you are unable to recreate this style in its purest form. You can use only a fraction of given advice at your celebration. The main thing is to get a beautiful, romantic, unusual holiday that will reflect your married couple best.