Now we can plunge headlong into the summer landscapes of real European outdoor wedding in creamy white and of course green colors. We`re able to deliver some professional photos you to more deeply illustrate the real outdoor wedding atmosphere in the green summer park.

This East Slavic wedding is notable with nice DIY wooden table decorations with centerpieces and different handmade favors. It has very big number of details. Newlyweds choose as a leitmotif to their marriage simple and memorable slogan: "Just you and me". It is not egotistic one to emphasize their significance in smb`s eyes, but symbolizes unity and a great trust in the couple. Professional photograph, Juri Stakhov, tried to bring pure emotions live and the real atmosphere of the wedding and we can feel ourselves like being there between the guests watching these real outdoor wedding photos. Is it a successful photographer`s work or special warmth outgoing from the wedding, or maybe combine of these reasons is you to decide. At the same time, you can pick up some useful wedding photography tips, which are almost imperceptible but make a great impact on the photo session’s atmosphere.