Wedding is a unique celebration, which usually requires preparation not in a week or even more often than not in a month before it. Therefore, any prediction about what the weather will be on this auspicious day would be foggy. However, be prepared for any force majeure and try to provide all the surprises, especially if it is a wedding in the rain and take cool pictures is possible!


And if it will rain!?

In fact, it is not so bad! And even more, rain on your wedding day is definitely unable to spoil your holiday, if you prepare for it in advance! And you can find out quite accurate weather forecast within few weeks before the celebration.

So, the weather forecast still predicts rain? Then it’s time to plan the details!


Celebrate with comfort

First and foremost, of course, you need to pay attention directly to the very place of celebration.

So, if you planned to hold a reception in the open air, so the best way out of this situation would be the use of special tents, topped with a waterproof film. As well as the ability to install heaters in them for the greatest comfort of guests and the newlyweds themselves.

The reception area also requires careful attention. Of course, the marriage registration in the fresh air is nice and memorable act, but not in the rain and slush! So keep an eye for an alternative venue with the canopy or roof. This place could be open terrace of the restaurant or the conservatory. You can also hold a ceremony in the festively decorated tent – the main thing the rain should become the background, but not a direct participant of your celebration.

If there is no opportunity to hide from the rain, then provide your guests with elegant and beautiful umbrellas or raincoats in the overall tone of the wedding. This stuff will not only protect guests from moisture, but also give a certain piquancy, brightness and unusualness to the process. Colored umbrellas create a festive mood and can even act as the original decoration of the premise or the street. By the way, these accessories can be presented to invitees as a nice gift that definitely will please them and, most likely, will be a pleasant surprise.


Dresses and images do not have to suffer!

Wedding bride and groom images implies festive attire, beautiful shoes and a rather complicated hairdos and make-up for the bride. However, it so hard to keep it all in the pristine beauty of the whole day in the rain!

The use of waterproof cosmetics will help to keep makeup intact. And as for the hairstyle, you should take a closer look to different braids, bundles as keep the hairdo from flowing hair in the rain would be virtually impossible. In addition, purchase beautiful rubber boots and raincoats for yourselves and guests. This is great idea to help you stay dry, cheerful and happy.

Also, as an option, you can reduce hiking and increase road “journey” through the city.

As for the main attribute of the image of the bride – the wedding dress, – it can be treated with a special moisture and dirt resistant agent, and pin it (if the dress with a train) while walking and constantly hold with hands. Also, a good solution would be to choose the basic or additional dress for walks of shortened style, the hem of which in this case will be definitely clean. And the unusual boots will be visible at the same time, and a photo shoot on the street or in the premises will stand out with variety.

And, of course, must have all the really necessary things for the rapid “restoration” of your appearance like a comb, pins, hairspray, cosmetics, wet wipes, spare socks, etc., As well as a removable pair of shoes in case of emergencies. Also, you should think in advance the place for all the “recovery procedures”. For example, it may be your friend`s apartment on the route of a wedding convoy, cafes and so on.


Rain wedding Preparation and pictures ideas with ease!

Professional wedding photographers are always advised to select and specify a few locations for photo shoots. And, as a rule, the main point is not only in the maximum variety of backgrounds, but to provide the possibility of rainy weather or other “jokes of nature.”

Of course, you can be photographed in beautiful themed cafes, restaurants or museums – these pictures are beautiful and solemn. However, if to use rain as the proper background on your wedding day, your shots can be incredibly romantic, mysterious and very gentle or bright, imaginative, themed – depending on the chosen accessories and detailing. Multi-colored umbrellas, rubber boots, raincoats combined with balloons, flowers, happy faces and perhaps the emerging rainbow looks more than bright and joyful!

By the way, in terms of getting the best images depending on the lighting and the like, rainy and cloudy weather is also the most favorable and “right”.

Thus, the rain wedding becomes nor a sad holiday, but fun adventure, memorable for a lifetime! And, as a sign, such weather phenomenon ensures a long and very happy family life in abundance and of course in love!

And finally – do not worry about anything and be happy on this momentous day, and the life forth!


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