Provence is a region of France, where reigns the natural simplicity of the village, the ​​lightness, smells and wonderful scenery. Wedding in the style of Provence give the newlyweds a surprising warmth and tenderness, while surprise and impress guests celebration.

The basic principles of the celebration in this style:

  • Natural materials;
  • Muted colors;
  • A lot of air and light;
  • The aristocratic simplicity and naturalness;
  • The abundance of vintage things;
  • The fresh scent of lavender;
  • Wrought iron or wicker furniture;
  • French cuisine.


Provence wedding theme idea. Choosing color palette

Soft, dull shades: milk-white, cream, sand, light gray, olive, pale pink, light blue will perfectly suit for a wedding in the style of Provence. Beautiful muted shades of purple and lilac tones should be present also.


Selecting a location for weddings

  • In the open air

Ideal option is the organization of the wedding outdoors. You can organize the outdoor ceremony in a country house or manor house with a terrace and a snug courtyard. Also open area of ​​the park or the garden, where you should provide a canopy or tent in case of bad weather would be perfect for a celebration.

To create a special atmosphere for on-site ceremony and banquet, you can try different ideas. For example, the arch for the newlyweds can be decorated with wild grapes, fresh flowers. And the aisle leading bride and groom to the arch for the registration of marriage, can be decorated by lavender or various wildflowers.


  • The restaurant of appropriate style

Restaurant or cafe, decorated in an appropriate style is a good option for the wedding party. The interior can have unplastered walls, light wood surfaces with a touch of antiquities.

For a wedding in Provence style warm season is more suitable. After all, the presence of the beautiful nature, the abundance of colors are very important to organize such a celebration.


Wedding cars

The cart with team of horses would be ideal transport for the style of Provence. Nevertheless, If you are not a supporter of such exotic solutions, you can order a regular car and decorate it. Wreaths of wildflowers and lavender will fit perfectly as decorations. It can be attached to the door handles, mirrors, hood and trunk using satin ribbons in soft tones.


Photos on a meadow

The perfect backdrop for a photo shoot can be a bright emerald green garden, flowering meadow, the abundance of colors of the wedding tent, the surface of a small lake. Pictures appears lively and vivid on the background of village houses, old mansions. Among the props for the original photography you can take the plaid, wicker furniture, delicate umbrella, basket with flowers, lace shawl, a wreath of wildflowers.


Making banquet hall

The interior of the wedding in the style of Provence should not overcharged with bombast and extravagance. The cozy venue has to be full of light, so large windows or thoughtful good lighting are welcome.

  • Furniture and textiles

It is better to choose a wooden, wickerwork, forged, lightly weathered, covered with light paint furniture. It is also advisable to use natural fabrics, such as linen or cotton for registration. Lace tablecloths and napkins, ribbons, fabrics with floral patterns would richly complement the interior.

  • Flora

The room can be arranged with bouquets of simple, refined colors and delicate restrained shades. Glass, ceramic, clay pots, teapots, jars and bottles can substitute vases. You can also use sprigs of olive, lavender, grapes, bunches of fresh or dried herbs as decorative elements.

  • Decorative elements

You can place a variety of decorative elements in the banquet hall: wicker baskets, porcelain figurines, old boxes, bird cages, candlesticks, old suitcases, old utensils, wooden wine boxes.

  • Invitation and souvenirs for guests

Invitation and guest seating cards can be decorated in a vintage style. They can be supplemented with a sprig of dried lavender, tied with satin ribbon. The invitations can warn your guests about the style of the upcoming celebration and ask to prepare appropriate outfits.

Favors, presented after the ceremony of the guests, will remind them of the special style of your wedding. Original candles, sachets with lavender, boxes with French sweets, small jars of honey would fir perfect as a memento.


Wedding Menu

Menu of the famous French cuisine is perfect for a wedding in the style of Provence. Red, pink, white French wines, a variety of delicious dishes with creamy cheeses, Provencal spices, olives, truffles, snails, grilled vegetables, garlic mayonnaise, fragrant freshly baked baguette, etc. will help to support the overall style of celebration. cupcakes, fruits, berries, honey, delicious biscuits, “pasta” table can be presented on the dessert. Wedding cake will match Provencal style, if it use decoration icing lilac or lavender sprigs.


Properly selected music will support the Provence atmosphere. At the wedding try to give preference to easy unobtrusive French melodies, songs of Edith Piaf, Mireille Mathieu, Joe Dassin, Patricia Kaas, Lara Fabian and other famous performers.


The images of the bride and groom

  • Romance and elegance of the bride

Most important thing in the image of the bride is to emphasize the elegance, romance and naturalness. Ball gowns, dresses with corsets, loops are poor choice for a celebration in the style of Provence. It is better to give preference to a simple silhouette cut dresses with low-key decor, such as lace. The fabric for the dress can be mild, delicate, translucent. Attire can be as traditional white, lilac supplemented accessories, as well as any other delicate shades. Bride`s grace should be underlined with light veil, lace gloves, scarf, guipure umbrella.  Light sandals and elegant shoes with a small heel will fit perfectly as a footwear.

The focus of the bride`s image should be in jewelry. You can use the stylized antique hairpins, beads, pearls, brooches and pendants. It is not necessary to have very sophisticated hairstyle. To correspond with the overall simplicity will allow carelessly stacked loose hair, braids with flowers and ribbons, big curls. Makeup should also be the most natural.

Bridal bouquet will look harmonious and elegant, if done of wild flowers, herbs, dried flowers. lavender, violets, pansies, anemones, hydrangeas also suitable for creating compositions.

Bridesmaids dresses should be in harmony with the dress and the overall image of the bride. If the bride wears a white dress, the girls would look great in monochrome models of delicate shades; dresses and tunics with floral print.


  • Elegant image of the groom

Groom`s outfit should be simple and comfortable. Instead of too formal three-piece suit, tuxedo it is best to choose a simple suit of calm muted colors made of natural fabrics. Tie can be replaced a by scarf a lavender or purple. You can complement the image with the help of braces, belts, hats. For the groom’s boutonniere should be used the same plants as for the bridal bouquet. Few sprigs of lavender, tied with a satin ribbon will look simple and elegant as boutonniere.


Wedding in the style of Provence will be an unforgettable celebration with our advice. After all, skilful combination of gentle tones, romantic, simplicity, allow you to create a special atmosphere, a feeling of freshness, warmth and tenderness. Of course there is no need to try follow all the advice, you`ll compose your own image of what you want once you try to imagine your unique and matchless Provence marriage.