So, if you are planning outdoor wedding, you can find useful our next few ingenious end creative steps that might ease the preparations and make your wedding extremely comfortable, calm and versatile. We will speak about functionality and comfort most of all.

Of course, you`ll better hold your wedding reception outdoor in summer or other warm season in your country, cause it`ll take a lot of effort to provide comfort and cosiness to all of your guests. Naturally, it is real to have a good reception even in very cold weather with modern infrared heaters but of you don`t plan to have an extreme wedding, don`t think about it.

You will spend a lot of time outdoor during the wedding ceremony, wedding reception and after you took your guests home so you need to take care of how they will recreate at the sultry weather and  about the comfort of sitting and staying of your guests. This we can solve comparatively easy. You can utilize the flower boxes, buckets and other roominess to be a cooler for the water, coke or other drinks in glass or aluminum bottles. This can be cool decoration detail either, but at first it`ll relieve your guests from thirst. Also the cocktails and other drinks can be in free access all around.

Tell your friends about the surface of your wedding venue. If it is a grass, many people will have problems with their festive footwear. You can solve it by handing out the special caps for shoes heels. Also you can have a lot of flip flops in a buckets as a wedding favor to your guests. They will help your guests to walk the grass, dance and be useful if you`ll have a pool or river at your wedding venue.

Nevertheless, all the wedding favors can be useful. Try to provide all the necessary things to have a good time outdoor. You`ll need an insect repellents, sunglasses, heavy-duty fixative for makeup, towelettes to wipe the sweat and to cover the head in extremely hot day. Also you can add to this list parasols and sunscreen.

As for the decorative nuances, you can mark the best place for photos with special photo frames to encourage people make individual and group photos.

Don`t forget about lighting. Your wedding shouldn`t end up with dusk. You can arrange the venue with garlands of lamps in a peculiar way, light candles in addition. Your tables can have special lights under the curtain to make an illusion of "luminous" table. You can decorate with candles a special stage which can be an altar and then the place where you can sing karaoke.

P.S. Oh, don`t forget about the quality music equipment and microphones.