Everyone dreams of a beautiful wedding but everyone has different idea of ​​it. If you are a romantic and you want to surprise your partner, it would be​ ​excellent marriage proposal choice for you to make under the moon. Quiet moonlit night, full of mysteries and secrets, will arrange unique atmosphere, which the beloved couple can be immersed in and night romantic wedding ideas you can see below in the photo abum can come in handy. You are guaranteed to get new feelings, to get closer to each other in the night, feeling all tender family atmosphere that awaits you after the wedding. This evening your dreams will come true, the night air will help you to relax, and the idea that you will not be disturbed here will ascend you up to heaven, where will be your marriage determined: “yes” or “no“. After those moments you can expect for a happy family life.

Night is a very calm time of a day and you can easily hide your preparing for marriage proposal. For example, you can organize an unforgettable proposal at the skyscraper roof. For this event you`ll need help of your friends. You can use bright balloons, plenty of sky lanterns, candles and, if you wish, clothes with neon-prints. These prints can contain a letters of your girlfriend’s name and text of your proposal.