You will probably think that this wedding was held by some crowned head of India, some most famous actor or politician. No, to have such luxurious wedding not enough to be famous, you must to be the richest man of India.

About $ 60 million (according to some reports about 78 million dollars) was spent on a feast for the Indians in 1981. To date, wedding budget can be amounted to about $100 million. Daughter of Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, Vanisha married a banker named Amit Bhatia.

The most expensive wedding in the world took place in an old castle near Paris. But the next few days, guests walked in specially rented parks Tuileries and Saint-Cloud (they are in the Louvre). At the most luxurious wedding alone champagne family spent $ 1.5 million. And during the celebrations on the tables was served not less than six thousand meals. At the wedding was thought out all the details.

There was presented even a special menu for vegetarians – planes from India brought snacks. To the wedding guest sang beautiful and charming Australian Kylie Minogue. Bollywood actors also presented their gift – they filmed a movie about the honeymoon of newlyweds. Despite the fact that since the celebration has been more than thirty years past, the wedding record still not broken.

Even despite this marriage is a long time dissolved already.

We have no a big gallery of that wedding, so we can present a beautiful pictures of Indian weddings.