«Will you marry me?» It would seem such simple question but sometimes it is difficult to ask. Family creation is a very important decision for each couple and, of course, everyone wants to remember this moment for a long time.

In fact, a marriage proposal is incredibly touching and tender moment in the relationships. Moreover, it is necessary to make it in such a way not to get a refusal.

You can be sure, that any girl expects romance from her boyfriend. Especially at such moment.

That is why we gave you TOP 7 best proposal ideas how to make your proposal the most romantic and unforgettable event.

  1. Everyone loves quests. Therefore, why not to invent such route where the girl should pass many tests and as a result reach a ring. In addition, you with your closest friend’s support will ask her the last riddle, standing on one knee.
  2. If you thinking about how to propose to your girlfriend to be your wife. It is possible to talk to movie theater workers and at the very beginning of the movie play your marriage proposal.
  3. Create the web page on which write how you care for your beloved. And at the end a page will be a question «Will you marry me?» with two buttons “yes” and “YES”.
  4. Present a puzzle to your girlfriend would be cute wedding idea, which when is brought together says: «Will you marry me, pumpkin?»
  5. If you and your half are fond of poetry – you can write a poem with a proposal.
  6. You can order fortune cookies and put there a ring and a piece of paper with the most important question.
  7. Cook the breakfast and in the very bottom of her cup, you can write, «Marry me». Your girlfriend won’t expect such things.

Remember that by making a proposal to a girl– you are taking the first step towards creating a family. Make the proposal unforgettable, and all your future family life will give you only happy moments!

Be creative!

Harmony and Love!