January frosts aren’t a trouble for a marriage. The wedding in the first month of the new year is a good solution for who is used to start  great deals with a clean slate. New Year is new opportunity, new and exciting events, new life. At the same time, surprises aren’t always pleasant. And you should be ready for this. The wedding in January is some uncertainty. The folk superstitions tells about it. And you should be aware of.

Favorable days in January for a wedding

If you are a religion person, you should appreciate the religious precepts. Some religions have a lot of feast in the first part of January. Therefore, you should pay attention to the second part of the month where there are less religious feasts. Consequently, the 26 and  the 31of January are perfect time to get married which  are combined for the church and the lunar calendar.

The 22 of January  is a good date for the wedding if you believe in the numerology. Because in the numerology, two deuces that total to four give stability and it is a symbol of pair.

Folk omens and weather in January

January is cold, frosty (somewhere) month. But the frost in is a very good omen. If it is cold in your wedding day, you shouldn’t get upset. Frost in January though pinches the nose, but it’s definitely in luck. Stay closer to your beloved, and you shouldn’t forget that the heart warms in any cold.

January rarely surprises by the changeable weather unlike any of other months. If it is raining in January in your wedding day, you should wait for the testing from the destiny. Note the weather. If the rain doesn’t stop, the nature hints you not to lose your home. If the rain is little and short-run, you will have a sudden test which you need to notice and overcome.

If it is snowing during your wedding, you will have a sudden, pleasant surprise. If there is plenty of snow in the morning, your married life will be long and happy.

There are often sunny cold days in January. If the sun and the frost are together in your wedding day, it is a good omen that means coming stability. If the sun sparkles on the snow in January, it is to wealth.

If you have new friends, you should invite them to your wedding. New year loves new people.  Of course, you should invite your best friends who have been with you in difficult situations. In this way, you drag good people in your new life.

Any weather is a trouble if you really love each other. You should always remember the importance to take care of the warm and close relations in your family. Be happy!