Indian wedding is beautiful and exotic. This isn’t a surprise, seeing how almost all things about the Indian culture are this way. If you are planning to organize a traditional Indian wedding, you will need to learn quite a bit about the traditions of the holiday.

As marriage is very important to Hindus, they put a lot of meaning into the ceremony itself. An Indian wedding is a colorful affair that involves a lot of decorations and rituals. Everything about the event must be thought through, even such tiny details as invitations.

Indian wedding invitations can be done in many different styles (see the pictures at the bottom of the page). However, all of them should include some traditional elements, such as florid ornaments. When choosing the colors for the invitations, you can either go with your overall wedding color scheme or focus on red and gold, the traditional colors of an Indian wedding.

A gown for this kind of wedding ceremony must be very special. Nowadays, girls have plenty of Indian wedding dresses to choose from. You can see some of the options at the bottom of the page. Unless you want the ceremony to be absolutely traditional, you can go with some “westernized” dresses and not the red embroidered sari. So, many Hindus spend a lot of money on the wedding so its no surprize that the most expensive wedding ever was also Indian.

As wedding traditions in India vary greatly, you can afford some freedom with choosing the rituals to observe. However, there are a few things that are considered to be “the core” of the ceremony. The most important of them is Saptapadi, the seven-step ritual of making wedding vows. Traditionally, the vows were pronounced in Sanskrit, but today you can speak in the language you feel most comfortable with.