Honeymoon is the logical and enjoyable continuations of the wedding. We find it difficult what is more important from them but one thing not in doubt – both wedding and honeymoon must be memorable, relaxing and bring positive emotions solely. Today we gonna speak a word about the best honeymoon destinations. We will try to find optimal, most affordable honeymoon destinations and in the same time best resorts.

Top honeymoon destinations opens by romantic and so mysterious New Zealand. For the most countries of Europe and Northern America you don`t need any visa to visit this archipelago of islands. However, the trip worth it because only in New Zealand you`ll meet the biggest number of non-usual for average European or American citizen things. This country is very famous by its unique nature. You can raft down the mountain rivers, go fishing, climb mountains and explore rocky fjords. All around the beach you`ll find a plenty of places where to stay. However, for the previous booking we can offer you a Huka Lodge, nice romantic hotel complex especially designed for honeymoons and travelers.

If you want to find the affordable all-inclusive resort and yet pure nature among the civilization, you must visit Cancun, Mexico. If you`re looking for all creature comforts like parasailing, swimming in pools, fashionable nightclubs, spa and shopping centers and the beautiful landscapes at once, you choose the right place.

Most of people dreaming about the honeymoon at some romantic solitary island where you can unite with nature and enjoy each other. The most famous and affordable in the same time islands are Maldives or officially Republic of Maldives, which are a little bit to south from India. Niyama resort can receive you and present unbelievable emotions of the pure nature, rooftop suppers at the wooden bar under the Milky Way and palm groves right at the Indian ocean`s shore. This all will take near 3K$ per person in a week.

The most affordable but not less romantic honeymoon place we can find in Africa. One of such dream areas is Loisaba, Kenya. Here you can plunge down to the most outstanding features of African atmosphere. You can take the excursions to African savanna and to visit safari. Nature of Kenia is one of the most diverse in Africa so you can see almost every shade of unique African colouring. By the way, it would cost less than 2K$ per person for 5-nights tour without flights.

Flourishing and ambiguously hot Brazil can satisfy the couple of extreme-lovers. Here you won`t be arrested for sex on the beachю Also drugs in Brazil are strictly prohibited. However, this fact doesn`t prevent the country from being a leader in producing and transporting of cocaine. However, if you appreciate a real comfort, natural beauty and don`t looking for adventures, there are many places which can satisfy your needs. Ponta dos Ganchos is the tiny resort island with all-inclusive hotel where you can feel yourself literally in the Heaven.

We have a big number for unbelievable honeymoon and no ratings can embrace all the variety of different magic places to rest and make your marriage stronger and richer with unforgettable emotions. We will try to reveal them wherever possible in the further articles about the honeymoon.