Grape wedding will be an excellent solution for autumn pores, because the grape theme is very symbolic. Ancient times vine was considered a symbol of fertility, life and hospitality. Bridesmaids before the ceremony collect a large bunch of grapes, brought them to the bride’s house, which meant that the hostess is very hospitable and generous. Wedding in grape style is a crucial step before the family life. Need to choose the right decor, colors of grape wedding – various shades of purple, burgundy, green and beige. These bright and noble colors is the best accentuate elegance of your wedding.

In the design of your wedding you can use all the attributes associated with grapes and wine: barrels, corks, vine leaves, interesting or woven glass bottles, beautiful autumn fresh flowers or bouquets and compositions of preserved plants, soaked in wine colors. Do not forget to decorate the flower bunches of grapes. Of wine corks you can make a very original seedlings cards for guests – it will undoubtedly remain in their memory, bottles of dark glass can be used to enumerate the tables – it will give the banquet hall feeling faraway France, France is a country of romance. A restaurant located in an old basement with arched vaults reminiscent of a wine cellar – is an interesting idea for the wedding feast. You can decorate buffet table with the vine and place the composition of different varieties of grapes, cheese, rolls or baguettes. Suggest grape juice and light wine for your guests.

Particular attention should be paid to accessories. Use grape theme in the images of the bride, groom and invited guests. You can experiment with the dress, boutonniere, garter, shoes. The main thing in this case is your boundless imagination!

Be sure your grape wedding is an unforgettable memories for years to come!