Wedding shoes is a necessary attribute of the bride’s attire. Traditionally, the bride should wear the appropriate bridal shoes. In addition, the shoe is associated with a lot of humorous wedding customs. The shoe could be stolen, bought back or the groom could drink champagne out of it. Every bride dreams her legs to look really perfect in such a solemn day. And the lace shoes look particularly effective with the dress decorated with lace. Nobody can argue extraordinary tenderness and sophistication of lace wedding shoes.

Bride’s wedding shoes are usually white. They should be chosen to match the bridal jewelry or hairstyle. Wedding fashion offers to take on bold experiment and choose contrasting footwear nowadays. Shoes can be of cream, pink or pearl color. The main thing that the shoes shouldn’t be darker than the dress. If your wedding dress has details of a bright color such as red or blue, then shoes chosen in the same tone will look fresh and original.

Classical wedding shoes are the light pumps on high heels. Such shoes fit almost any wedding dress and blend perfectly with the classic straight or A-shaped silhouette. Low-heeled shoes are more suited to long lush dresses that hide shoes completely.

Long wedding dress should be inch above the floor. This should be considered choosing a shoe with a heel. So take shoes to the fitting of the wedding dress.

If you choose pantsuit as the wedding dress, the elegant shoes on a low heel will be the perfect complement to it.

Lace wedding shoes always look elegant and they are always more original than classic shoes. Decorated with beads, paillettes, pearls and crystals they will make your image more bright and memorable. Lace boots fit short wedding dresses. The boots emphasize beauty of your legs making them more sexy. This kind of footwear enables you to use a lot of additional extravagant accessories that also will have a nice look in combination with lace shoes. They can also be in various colors, have unique texture and style being always modern and innovative. You can choose the vintage looking shoes or the airy ones finished with feathers – the choice is almost infinite.

Remember that the wedding shoes should be comfortable. Shoes better to buy in advance and try to fit in. In this case, nothing will disturb you from enjoying your wedding.