Your engagement and wedding celebrations are the occasions that you will definitely want to remember, and that’s what photos are for. There is certain appeal in the “live shots” of people engaged in any kind of festivities, as these pictures make the memories more real, and they often are rather hilarious. However, if you want to highlight the beauty of the event, you will need to take some very special pictures.

There are hundreds of engagement photo ideas you can use. Depending on your resources, you can either hire a professional photographer or ask one of your friends to do the honors. Although a pro should have plenty of engagement photos suggestions, you still should make some research to see whether you can find something that appeals to you personally. Take a look at the pictures at the bottom of the article for some suggestions.

Wedding photos are an entirely different matter. The poses will often depend on your chosen theme. It is best to employ a professional photographer for such a happy occasion as this will ensure that the pictures are indeed perfect. However, you can still look up some picture ideas (look at the bottom of the page).

The focus of the wedding photos is to show the strengths of your union. The strength of the emotions you will feel on this day will help make these pictures truly special. The photos of your engagement should be more casual. Of course, all of the shots will be filled with romance. However, good engagement pictures should be filled with the feeling of anticipation.