Wedding reception is one of the relaxing and enjoyable moments of your wedding when you can be yourself, forget about long days of wedding preparing, contracts, chatting with different staff, choosing restaurant menu, anxiety on front of altar and sleepless night about everything will be OK. You can let yourself drink a little bit and enjoy your spouse, friends, guests and overall atmosphere.

So we can allow to have the informal wedding reception without any special ideas for it. On the contrary, your guest will be glad and thankful to you for the simple warm wedding party where everybody can enjoy of the company and the marriage and don`t rush from one contest of toastmaster wedding plan to another.

So how can you schedule your wedding reception and to decorate it as well? It`s a lot of creativity you can use in every detail of modern wedding. For example, you can do handmade wedding favors, table numbers, chair backs in the main theme of your wedding. We were at the wedding where every seat and table was decorated with stylish word "Amore" and couple of tiny red hearts. It was very cool to see.

In addition, you can make centerpieces on the tables and flower bouquets by yourself. It does not take very much time but will impress your guests undoubtedly! In addition, you can decorate the ceiling in the wedding place, as you want. Photos below can excite your fantasy. Some couples also make a wedding beverages and cake together. However, if you think it would a very big number of things to do, it will be better to leave it to professional confectioner and bartender.