Destination weddings are getting more popular by the day, and there are quite a few reasons for this. Look at the bottom of the page to see the photos from some of the best destination weddings, and you will see why so many people want to leave their homes and travel to some faraway lands to celebrate this important event.

If you are still in doubt, look at the list of top 5 reasons that prove why destination weddings are the best:

  1. They are stress-free.
    When you buy one of the special destination wedding packages, you entrust highly qualified professionals with organizing the celebration of your dreams. There will be no need for you to waste days looking for florists, cakes and linens. Everything will be prepared for fit the style of your choosing, and the only things you will need to worry about are the clothes and guest list.
  2. You get to avoid the drama.
    Many couples have to suffer through their parents bickering about some of the wedding choices. As destination weddings are organized by the staff of the resort or hotel you will be staying at, all those issues can be avoided.
  3. They are cheaper.
    Some of the destination wedding packages offer the rates you cannot hope to achieve while organizing the wedding on your own. In many cases, you can get a much more luxurious celebration for the price of a moderate one at home.
  4. They are exotic and fun.
    Making your wedding truly unforgettable is as simple as choosing one of the more exotic destination wedding locations. You won’ have to come up with any obscure decoration ideas as the place itself will make the most beautiful setting for some incredible wedding pictures.
  5. You are the boss!
    You can have a wedding ceremony in bikinis if this is what you want. No formalities will hold you back from organizing your dream wedding at some exotic resort.