There is a clear tendency to use color accents varying intensity in a wedding dress in the world of wedding fashion recently. You can find colorful wedding dresses in a collection of almost every wedding designer. Colorful wedding dress to emphasize beauty of the bride is a win-win variant. Wedding dress, without a doubt, is the “main spot” of the whole wedding celebration. And the wedding dress always is a reflection of the social and material status of the bride.

There is a widespread fallacy that the traditional color of wedding dresses has always been white in Western culture. In fact, the white color in the Middle Ages in European culture was the color of death. It had begun using as a wedding tone for wedding attire only since XIII century, and became a symbol of chastity in the nineteenth century. And even then it was popular only among the wealthier segments of the population and the aristocracy. European ladies of the Middle Ages often choose wedding dress of carmine color for themselves.

Colorful wedding gowns can be divided into several categories. These are wedding dresses with colored decoration, plain dress and dresses combining elements of different colors.

Choosing the right style dress entirely depends on the figure of the bride and her taste. Some brides approach the choice of a style and color of their wedding dress conceiving it to be suitable from a practical point of view, hoping to continue using it as an elegant evening dress.

Along with the monochrome version, some designers represent collections of wedding dresses, which include embroidery or other colorful elements. This may be a colored belt with large bow and a narrow band with a small bow. Ornaments of rhinestones or colored stones are sometimes used as belts. In this case, the belt can be bright colored or some shades slightly different from the color of the dress.

Choosing the right color of wedding dresses in many cases depends on the basic traits of the girl’s character. For example, colored wedding dress gentle light tone would fit brides who have quiet shy character. These are lemon, pistachio, light apricot, beige color or shade of the noble sparkling champagne color. Special solemnity of the wedding will give a golden fabric with metallic thread. The bride will feel truly unique and attractive putting this dress.

Brides with open and passionate nature should opt for colored wedding dresses of bright saturated colors. The dresses of these shades will once again emphasize vitality and commitment of the owner giving her a special charm and beauty.

Below you can look through our small photo collection of the most fashionable and trendy bright wedding dresses. We hope, you’ll enjoy it.