Wedding is important event where you can not forget anything. Bride, in order to avoid any unpleasant situation, needs to have a plan B and to take a number of important things. Moreover, bride herself doesn`t need to carry everything with her, because her hands would be occupied with a beautiful wedding bouquet. Let`s this important function take her friend, the bridesmaid. In order not to bother yourself about it on the wedding day, the best thing is to make a bridesmaid bag important things list in advance.


For makeup

Of course, there is no need to take all the beautician with you. The bride may need a powder, lipstick or lip gloss, also maybe mascara and eyeliner, and a small mirror to correct make-up. It is also good to take a wedding perfume for periodical refreshing of flavor. To save space in your handbag, you can take a sampler of perfumes.


Necessary medicines

No need to endure the pain or other symptoms of malaise and put a strained smile on your face. Modern remedies will return excellent state of health quickly and will allow to enjoy the wedding ceremony to the full. You may need a pill for a headache, indigestion, medicines from possible chronic diseases of newlyweds. Means of personal hygiene can also appear to the purpose.


To the feet of the bride

The bride’s legs could be very tired in shoes with heels to the end of the day, so you can take a special spray or gel that will remove the nagging pain in tired legs. You may need a band-aid to help manage with possible calluses. In general, to avoid problems with rubbing shoes, bride should consider buying a pair a half-size bigger and underlay the insole before putting on (when the legs are swelling footbed can be removed). Pedicure is providently be made a few days before the wedding to possible cuts have time to heal and not to disturb during the celebration. You should take a removable shoes without heels to the wedding reception, which you can use in cause of extreme fatigue.


A pair of pantyhose or stockings

You need to bring a spare pair of stockings or pantyhose, because they can easily snap. This is especially important for brides who have chosen to get married in short wedding dress.


Other stuff

Important detail, which also to be put in the bag of the bridesmaid include:

  • thread in the color of bridesmaid dress or suit, groom`s shirts, needles, pins;
  • comb, hairpins, hair spray (to fix her haircut);
  • nail polish (as an adhesive if there are “runs” on the nylon stockings, rhinestones peeling from the dresses, etc.).
  • nail clippers, nail file (if the nail is broken off, or it is necessary to cut the thread, etc.).
  • disposable handkerchiefs, wet wipes;
  • antistatic (if the dress sticks to stockings much);
  • perhaps an umbrella;
  • Sponges for shoes.


Mobile phone, cash, documents

Phone is required not only to accept congratulations. Newlyweds need to be in touch with the guests, parents, toastmaster etc. You also need to have a list of phone numbers of all the organizers of the celebration (toastmaster, musicians, photographers, etc.). Even if their services were fully paid in advance, the money may be needed in an emergency, for example, to pay any extra services. Newlyweds can not do without a passport, wedding rings, so they are also worth putting in the bag of bridesmaid.


We have listed the main attributes that you may need on your wedding day. But every bride should consider and decide herself what should be to taken necessarily from the above list. It should absolutely indispensable things and the list may vary from one celebration to another. The most important thing is to foresee of all aspects in advance: to prepare things (clothing, accessories, handbags contents), to resolve all urgent issues with contractors, to discuss the nuances of the celebration with their parents, witnesses, stewards. In this case, nothing could spoil this beautiful day.