Winter is magic beautiful season. It is a season principally of two colours: write and black. This is a perfect background for the bright wedding photos. Every multicolored detail will make bride’s image more original. You could complement it with the wreath. The most important thing is to choose the right plants and forms. Bride’s winter wreath will emphasize your make-up and become piquant addition of your whole celebration.

Of course, it is better to negotiate directly with the florist, based on your preferences, his skill, and the presence of certain plants in this season.

But in order to imagine all the possible variants of wedding image, we offer you to look at some winter wreaths of live plants.

Winter wreathes aren’t as rich as the summer ones, they are more modest. And it is rightly so – at the snow-white winter background even the smallest wreath will be noticeable and become a bright accent in the image of the bride.

The most usual basis for bride’s winter wreath is branches of coniferous trees or shrubs, vines, or other evergreens.

Berries or fresh flowers can be a accent of the winter wreath (they may be used in a wreath if your wedding day is not very frosty and you do not plan a long walk in the fresh air). Also you can wear wreath with fresh flowers on the ceremony and banquet. But you can pick up other accessories for a walk.

Also you can use artificial flowers, rhinestones, pearls to create original and modest looking wreath. Brunette bride can opt the wreath made of transparent white beads. It would have very organic look if your celebration take place at the snowy venue.

We hope that our selection will inspire you and help you find the one perfect wreath for the most important day.