When you have sorted out most of the wedding bother, sorted your dress, wedding menu and other knacks, you are now ready to make your image unbelievable. And we gather some useful, easy and in the same time powerful wedding makeup ideas.

Bridal makeup starting not from face and from your skin color and even eye color. You should test your makeup in a couple of weeks before the wedding day to be able test a lot of different makeup ideas and to choose one of them. Of course, if you want to have fake tan after solarium, you have to finish visiting solarium a few weeks before wedding and begin to embody your image ideas.

The most important thing is to choose the right makeup accessories and make sure you can do bright enough makeup, which will not fade against your wedding dress. You must consider wedding dress is not casual wear and you should have a brighter make up to compensate the dress color. Test your make up in brought daylight in white clothes and it still must be noticeable. Also, if you invite the wedding makeup artist, you should finish your make up during day.

Use professional and individual products for make up. This is also important. Expensive individual cosmetics will allow you to choose your special style and will last longer. Your skin color, well-groomed brows and eyelashes are the basis of the successful and memorable image so use the best cosmetics. Highlight your eyes with light shade at the area of outer corner of eye and brow and you will attract more attention.

Your bridal makeup should look organic and not to make any discomfort to your skin. It is also shouldn`t glitter or make you sweat. And heaven forbid to make your face differ from your body color. You must remember that your wedding photoalbum will remain with you forever and your photos must be perfect. And most of these photos will be shooted in the natural light so you should look naturally. In addition, how to achieve the golden mean between bright makeup and not turning it to shining mask? Everything is simple and we`ve spoke about it above. Take two shades brighter cosmetics instead of you usually use. Trust only good individual products. Make the main accent to lashes and brows. Use translucent natural color powder to make shades and to emphasize your features.