There is no secret that blue flowers almost ideally fit to white color. You will meet in the majority of situations blue and white flowers in a wedding bouquet. So blue flowers are good not only for blue or purple wedding theme but also fit organically the neutral-white-themed wedding.

So lets find out which of blue flowers will fit your wedding mostly and which flowers you can rather choose for your celebration. First of all, we must define how superstitious you are and what degree of symbolism you can attach importance to flowers on your wedding. This can both as limit your choice in the wedding bouquets but also to give you some abilities to make an unexpected surprise.

For example, bouquet of violets symbolize secret love, so it’s best to book through the internet with delivery of flowers and apply a gentle note without signature. You can present a special bouquet of flowers to your sweetheart at the wedding and at the wedding night reveal your romantic intention.

Roses of blue tint signify mystery and inaccessibility sometimes. They can give her lover in a sign of coldness, mysterious, inaccessible beauty. Wedding bouquets decorated with blue roses distinguish with extraordinary charm and look and may signify that groom spend a lot of time to woo hos bride-to-be. Blue pansies, by contrast, represent a simple, sincere love, and feminine beauty and grace. Irises can mean friendly affection, but sometimes they also become a symbol of mourning. Cornflowers can be presented both lover and friend as a sign of sympathy. Forget-me-not means a willingness to be faithful.

Anyway, we`ve found out that blue wedding flowers do not care to much mystic and symbolism so you can feel free to use any of them on your celebration. We can only remind that blue flowers can be easily combined with white or yellow flowers and also can be in one bouquet with green herb.