Hot and sunny coast of Florida can make the beach-themed wedding of your really unbelievable. It`s the best place for golf and surfing admirers. The best season to go to Florida is December through April. Then it becomes to hot and in autumn you can meet a hurricane season. All around the coast you can find cool hotels and resorts to stay and to hold a wedding reception. Also there are plenty of places to hold it at the beach.

If you prefer hot cowboy romantic, canyon views, desolate deserts with cactuses and peyotes but in that time romantic place for wedding, you should probably go to Scottsdale, Arizona. This suburb of Phoenix can surprise you of unique nature mix with high comfort and democratic prices (for example Fairmont Scottsdale Princess).

Near Arizona we have Cansas state with its jewel of entertainment life of the whole world – Las Vegas. Maybe it`s the most mentioned place as regards to weddings. You can visit different sportive fests (Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four etc), numerous casinos, sign a wedding license and have a photosession just in front of cool restaurants and hotels. Stop at Bellagio if you want to feel yourself the king of the life!

Near Vegas there is California located and you know what`s that mean. But despite chic landscapes and flourishing nature, the most famous cinematographic places and home atmosphere we can suggest wild landscape of Calistoga Ranch in Upper Napa Valley. This place will fascinate you with calm mountain forest landscape and unique wooden ranch with properly illuminated facade. Another romantic wedding venue in California you can find in little town of Sonora which is near to Malone lake and Red Hills Area of Critical Environmental Concern known by rare birds. Union Hill Inn is interesting place which made like a church so you can hold a real bridal ceremony right at the wedding venue.

If you like such natural romance and want to have calm cool wedding in summer, you can rather choose Maine state. This area is rugged with picturesque rocky protrusions coastline, numerous coves and wayward Atlantic ocean. People often go to Vacationland to rest from vanity of megapolis. The warmest and most crowded season here is summer but you can hold your wedding in September to have timeless emotions of steep landscape and crisp fall weather of New England. You can stop at White Barn Inn in Kennebunk to tie the knot and hold a long celebration in calming scenery.

A little bit southern to Maine we can find a really seething hive of New-York City. But there is a lot of romantic and available places for wedding. If you dream about real medieval castle to be a part of your wedding theme, you don`t need to fly far. Oheka castle is located at the silent part of Long Island and surrounded by wild nature in the biggest American megapolis. You can afford you a fairytale!

At the other coast of USA, in its northern part the one can find plenty of enigmatic entrancing and attractive places of interest. In Washington state there is Treehouse Point in Issaquah which can turn you back to the childish dream of your own wooden house at the tree in the backyard. Nut these constructions are big enough to contain your marriage procession.

Another cool wedding place near Washington state is in Portland, Oregon. You can hold your wedding ceremony and reception right under St. John’s Bridge. It`s one of the most romantic and charming among best USA wedding venues.

A lot of romantic outdoor barn wedding venues can propose you Colorado state with its unbelievably beautiful nature. We can recommend Dunton Hot Springs as very nice place for wedding but there are much more of them in Colorado.

Chicago, Illinois is famous by its urbanistic scenery and you can count upon the luxurious restaurants near Michigan lake there. One of them is restaurant from Marriott hotel in royal white color theme.

Near Chicago there is one interesting wedding venue chosen by thousands of couples each year. It is located in Indianapolis. If you are admirer of flowers and want to hold your wedding in the real botanical garden, so you must visit Artsgarden.

And for connoisseurs of history and ancient culture combined with warm humid weather we can tell a word about mystical Hawaii, where does the spirits of ancient tribes is saved till our days. You can plunge into past traditions and hold really unbelievable wedding at Haiku Mill in Maui.

And this list is only a very small part of the overall adoring wedding venues of America. We wish it would be expanded.