We are using this popular idiom in the meaning of creating strong and happy marriage, hoping to live a life with our spouses and to make it in good family. However, what if you decide to tie the knot in a literally way? What is the best ideas and the most popular and modern trends to do this?

There are several types of tying the knot. It is a very ancient tradition and initially was related to different occupations. People were devoted to their craft by tying the knot. For example, sailors had so called fisherman knot ceremony which bound a new sailor to the sea.

Often tying the knot coincides with Christian ceremony of wedding (especially in Neopaganism). Modern Ukrainian traditions, for example, are still including hand fasting ceremony with the traditional towel (rushnyk) at the wedding. So if you do want to hold your marriage in East Slavic traditions, you can follow this example.

Another (Scandinavian/Celtic) tradition is to tie the knot with coarse thick sailor`s rope which would symbolize tight family union. It is one of the most family idea.

Also you can do this ceremony in less orthodox style. For example to tie your hands with nice colorful ribbon and to make a photo session of this memorable event.

Anyway, you shouldn't forget to add your tie the knot ceremony to the knot registry. For this you can find a nice wedding website and to follow instructions by saving the "tying the knot" date in the web. Bit in real life save the date invitations will be the best save the reminiscence of precious moments.