Backyard wedding ideas will be most suitable for people who wants to organize nice memorable outdoor reception with controllable budget and almost boundless flight of fancy. Imagine, how big number of potential wedding themes you can use at the backyard. It can be small intimate wedding ceremony and reception, you can find rustic wedding venue for this and also you can afford a big bash outdoor. You can choose any color theme for the celebration and make it cheap and affordable or really chic. Don`t believe it? But the richest young businessman of the world Mark Zuckerberg choosed to have a modest backyard wedding and so some other celebrities did. People are attracted to backyard wedding by a vast number of abilities. You can have almost any kind of wedding you`re dreaming about!

Wedding planning starting with selection of venue and we will not be cunning, most of people choose backyard to economize wedding budget. But we can prove backyard wedding is not necessary cheap and regular.

First of all, think about your closest friends and family members where you can hold your wedding. I sure you can find thу place. Сhoosing a backyard people want to have an outdoor wedding in the big town or village first of all. Another words, people don`t want to go far from civilization and that`s the main difference from rustic wedding.

Take two different areas for ceremony and reception

This is the main idea to make a nice unique wedding with separated parts of the show. At the first area you can hold the ceremony, group photosession, maybe even have a handfasting ceremony. Your guests will be able to stroll around taking pictures and exploring the house and backyard and through the ceremony they wouldn`t distract from you to the appetizing dishes at the served table. Select the most beatiful place and equip the altar and seats there to have the most spectacular marriage.

So, the second distinct area would be for a role of wedding reception. Guests can enjoy the cuisine, centerpieces and favors and the program of toastmaster separately from ceremony. It would be relaxing and subconsciously make your wedding longer and memorable.

Make your wedding theme and serving

You can arrange ery special wedding theme with your friends. For example to wear the same color dresses and suits or shirts. To take the wedding bouquets in the same color or something. Also you can propose your guests to have a seat on ground on the same color theme blankets or even to swim in a pool which can be in the middle of the backyard (see photo). But take care about the elder generation, don`t make them feel discomfort from your funny spree. Take enough chairs and maybe even sunbeds to your celebration.

Make your wedding theme more long lasting with nice lamps and luminaires wrapped in the shawl or transparent paper of necessary color.

Also you can experiment a have a lot of fun with serving a table. You can find out a unique recipes of dishes from your friends or relatives and please them with their favorite food. Also backyard themed wedding gives you ability to unleash your creativity in wedding favors and centerpieces which can be produced by hand. Such type of wedding just greets fresh DIY reception ideas. Act and you will succeed!