You have decided to get married, but it is autumn now. Well, this is not a problem. The weather will not prevent you from making a colorful and memorable holiday. Do not put off the wedding until the spring, and furthermore to the summer. Autumn wedding ideas should be an original and full of warm bright colors. And even the rain can turn from the problem into a decoration.

According to some legends, Autumn Wedding promises the most durable and long marriage and the rain on your wedding day signifying happiness and prosperity.

And only think about the wedding theme. It could be a very interesting and inexpensive idea of invitations, dress and accessories in golden color. Also you can make simply DIY decorations from fall leafs. In addition, bouquets with fall flowers are rapidly gaining popularity and can make your wedding party really unique and unrepeatable. The rain will never spoil your marriage day if the umbrella would be a centerpiece of holiday. Weather could be good and sunny, so umbrellas can be easily transformed to a piquant interior detail.

Autumn also give us a big range of wedding table ideas. Till the late autumn there are still a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits are available. On other side, the prices in restaurants are sharply decreasing. The table colors can be the reflection of fading nature: golden color can symbolize the warm autumn sun and white color can be a reflection of refreshing autumn rains. Fall wedding colors in the bouquet can gather all the energy and abundance of the summer and can sink into the mind to all guests.

Most newlyweds get upset if the weather does not indulge them with the sun. Photos below prove that it is not necessary. Rain in the form of wedding decorations adds the image of romance. And the bride in her wedding dress in bright rubber boots and umbrella looks great.