Apple is symbol of health and vitality, youth, love, marriage and summer. For apple wedding better harmony bright colors: peach, red and orange – color of ripe fruit, autumn. Also you can choose apples of light green colors, it will create a complete sense of harmony and inspire you.

If your wedding date falls on the late summer – early autumn, then you should pay attention to the design of the wedding in that style. Needless apples in this atmosphere will symbolize the union of the two halves together. Coral roses, green orchids and chrysanthemums well suited to the composition with apples.

For decoration of banquet hall, you should choose high floristic composition on the tables of guests: artificial ice, floristry, basket with apples and fruit vases. There are decorative frames with photo, which shows newlyweds prefatory apple photo shoot in the lobby. Photo session includes of summer park, a wicker basket with apples, linen clothes, the romantic image of the bride and groom, a wreath of pink and white flowers for the bride. Bows on chairs and napkins coral and light green colors, seating cards leaflet on apples.

If you do not want to get into an awkward situation, you should prevent guests about the style of the ceremony; their clothes should match the style of the event. You can use this dishes in your menu: duck baked with apples, apples stuffed with bacon and cheese, caramelized apples, sliced apples, grapes, oranges, baked apples in chocolate – a thematic treat for guests, drinks – apple juice, compote, cider.